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Infectious Disease

HIV infecting T-4 Messenger Lymphocyte.j

HIV/Hepatitis C/Hepatitis B

Providing care to all persons living with HIV (children and adults) of any background or orientation.  We also manage HIV during pregnancy.

Providing treatment for prevention of HIV (preexposure prophylaxis/PrEP) to persons considered at high risk of acquisition with Truvada

Particular interest in the increase in risk of coronary artery disease in persons living with HIV as well as the associated increase in risk for chronic kidney disease.

Treatment of persons living with HIV who are also co-infected with hepatitis C and/or hepatitis B

  • CDC HIV surveillance report

  • Louisiana is ranked third in the nation for HIV case rates. Baton Rouge and New Orleans are ranked 2nd and 3rd in the nation for newly diagnosed cases of HIV

Our goal is to provide comprehensive treatment to persons living with HIV and prescribing the most current anti-retroviral therapy with the highest barriers of resistance while minimizing associated adverse side effects. 

We strive to implement rapid start of anti-retroviral treatment within 1-2 days of confirmed diagnosis.


121 Rue Louis XIV Building 9, Suite A, Lafayette, LA 70508, USA

P (337) 988-9737

F (337) 988-9739

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