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Endocrinology/Diabetes Mellitus

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Endocrinology/Diabetes mellitus

Aggressive management and control of diabetes mellitus type 2 with particular interest in arterial complications and renal (kidney) involvement.

  • Dietary and lifestyle modification

  • Oral (pill) regimens

  • Oral and insulin regimens

  • Intensive insulin therapy/Insulin pump therapy

Other endocrinopathies:

  • Hypothyroid (primary and secondary)

  • Hyperthyroid/Graves' disease

               -Radioactive iodine ablation

  • Adrenal insufficiency/Addison's disease

  • Testicular hypofunction

  • Pituitary microadenoma

Soft and blurry image,CTA (computed tomo

Coronary Artery Disease and Peripheral Vascular Disease

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death and United States as well as Louisiana.  Louisiana is ranked fifth in the nation as of 2016 for deaths due to coronary artery disease.  630,000 American die annually from heart disease (one every 4 deaths) according to statistics listed by the centers for disease control. 

Therefore, early diagnosis and aggressive medical management of coronary artery disease is key in an attempt to decrease morbidity and mortality

Treatment approach:

  • Dietary and lifestyle modification

  • Aggressive control of diabetes

  • Aggressive control of hypertension

  • Aggressive control of lipid abnormalities

  • Antiplatelet therapy

Kidney lobule of a 20 weeks fetus showin

Chronic Kidney Disease

Louisiana is second in the nation for death due to chronic kidney disease with disproportionate numbers represented by Americans of African descent.  Nationally the number one and number two reasons in the nation for persons requiring renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis) are chronic damage stemming from diabetes and hypertension, respectively.  Therefore, we target to aggressively control associated disease processes which accelerate deterioration in renal function.


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